Vin de Vin Wine Tasting and Collecting Consultants is dedicated to educating people about all things wine. We host wine tastings that are educational and fun. Most wine tastings take place in the homes of people who gather friends who want to learn more about wine; some are held by businesses for employees or clients and some are held in conjunction with fundraising activities. Home wine tastings, office or work wine tastings, charity wine tastings, etc., we do them all! Contact us and we will immediately get working on your wine tasting.

Vin de Vin can select and can provide all the wines, wine glasses, educational materials, and all the fun!

Oftentimes, I’m asked:

“What makes Vin de Vin different?” 


“Why should I have Vin de Vin host a wine tasting?”

The answers are quite simple. Let’s face it – anyone can provide you with access to a sip of wine at a store but

  • What did you really learn?

  • Can you really say it was an enjoyable or memorable experience?

  • Was it fun? Did you meet new people?  How was the wine with food?

  • Did you learn something interesting and useful about wine?

The Vin de Vin difference is about people and relationships. The Vin de Vin team has a sharp focus on the importance of relationships. We know that your event is important and that attention to details matter.  We are fervent about our love of wine!

Vin de Vin started in 1994 when I joined a local wine tasting group whose members all knew wine. Up to that point my only association with wine was as an altar boy at my childhood church. I took a forbidden taste of sacramental wine after the service and later that night, I thought I was going to die.

Throughout high school and college the alcohol of choice was beer and on occasion, drinks like rum and Coke. It wasn’t until I was long out of college and joined that first wine tasting group that I began to learn about wine. I’m still involved with that group and I owe the members a great deal of thanks. Some of my fondest memories are of times I’ve spent with these great folks over the last eight years – and our experience is only enhanced by sharing great wines.

In 1996 I got my first taste of the wonders of San Francisco food and wine when I attended a conference there. After many visits to Napa and Sonoma my interest in wine jumped exponentially. I still have some bottles from that trip.

Later in 1996 I joined an international insurance consulting firm as Director of Development for Asia, which allowed me to travel extensively in Asia as well as the West Coast of the U.S. On a typical trip I traveled alone for sometimes three weeks. On weekends I explored the local wine shops – in Taipei, Manila, Hong Kong and Seoul. l would buy wine and occasionally receive it as a gift. Sometimes I was accompanied by a colleague, an Australian chap obsessed with tiramisu and Aussie wines – we shared stories about wine to pass the time. On the way home from Asia I usually passed through San Francisco and went to the wine country whenever I could. In 1998 and again in 2000, San Francisco and the wine country became vacation destinations tied to business.

In 1998 I became Director of Latin America for my company and expanded my wine knowledge further with frequent visits to Chile and Argentina as well as other parts of South and Central America, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I regularly went to wine shops in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Panama and the wine shop owners came to know me well.

Over the years I have become a voracious reader of wine books and publications and a participant at countless wine events. In my travels I have found wines you typically wouldn’t find at my local wine stores. I’ve been to wineries in Nantucket, Cape Cod and Maine and have purchased wines in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Panama City, Hong Kong, Taipei, Toronto, London, Dublin and other interesting places.

Every year since 1996 I’ve attended the Boston Wine Expo, the largest U.S. consumer wine event. In 2001 I joined the German Wine Society and in 2002 attended its 25th Annual Gala Celebration in Washington, D.C. In 2004 I made my first trip to Oporto, Portugal and Port Wine country. It has since added to its sweet wine fame by producing dry red Portuguese table wines that are fast becoming some of the most impressive wines in the world. Also in 2004 I attended VINEXPO Americas, for the second time, this time in Chicago. What an event! In 2005 I attended VINITALY, arguably the largest wine event in the world. Nearly a week of unlimited wine, food, and camaraderie. In 2006 and 2007 I worked in retail (wine) for the second time, this time at Brookline Liquor Mart/BLM Wine and Spirits in Boston, Mass. Beginning in 2010, I taught wine classes at Puro Chile in New York City. In 2012, I taught my first wine class on the West Coast; in Portland, Oregon.

I am the founder and organizer of three wine tastings groups through that are open to the public, one in Boston (North Shore Wine Tasting Group), one in New York City (NYC Wine Tasting Group) and the Portland (OR) Wine Tasting Group.      

Some shining examples of wines themes we’ve had include:

The Wines of Chile, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, as well events featuring Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Amarone/Valpolicella, Soave, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Languedoc, the Rhone Valley, Champagne, and the wonderful world of dessert wines. I have organized and hosted hundreds of wine tastings! I encourage you to view our testimonials page and see what our clients have to say about Vin de Vin.

I find the world of wine and wine education to be a wonderful way to establish and deepen friendships. I hope you will come to enjoy wine as much as I do!